App Reviews

A list of very interesting apps that I come across, and some reasons why I like them and what I feel could have been better. 

Does not Commute - Top view car game where you drive against yourself.. Literally!

Does not Commute is a brilliant top view car driving game that reminded me immediately of the first Grand Theft Auto Games. That was the main reason I downloaded it. And boy I was pleasantly surprised. 


Visual Style

The look and feel of the game remind me of the original GTA where you could create havoc in London. When you bang against another car (that you were previously driving) the car starts smoking and slows down significantly. The dials for the sound effects and the metaphor using the car's dashboard for the menu screen is very refreshing somehow. 



The game is very refreshing and addictive. Especially if you are used to playing GTA London or GTA 1. You drive 13-18 cars on the streets in a given time frame and you have a deadline to reach your destinations. Once you drive the first character to his/her location, you then drive the second character to his/her location but with the first character en route the same roads. 

As you get to the 6th character you are busy avoiding yourself and if there is a crash, there are screams and the car starts smoking gets very very slow to drive. If at all you get all 13 passengers to their destinations, you progress to the next level. 

Sadly in the free version, the progress doesn't get saved and in my opinion it makes things that much more challenging. 



There are only 2 controls, left and right. And 2 buttons for Turbo and Traction Control (That I haven't bothered to use till now). When the car is pointing towards you (driving from the other side of the road) it gets a little tricky as your Left control becomes Right and Right becomes Left. The game is very simple and yet that much more fun to play. 



Must download! It's a good way to waste your time when you are waiting for someone or you are in a boring meeting. It also probably improves your cognitive skills as you are controlling the car in different orientations and basically avoiding your previous mistakes. You also end up trying to remember which direction your previous car had gone so as to avoid crashing into yourself.


My Rating  

Eight.Five on Ten