App Reviews

A list of very interesting apps that I come across, and some reasons why I like them and what I feel could have been better. - Easiest way to unsubscribe from newsletters and junk mails is the simplest way you can clean your inbox by unsubscribe to notifications and emailers that you don't require.  



The interface is pretty simple. You can view your junk mailers and newsletters in two views, card view and list view.

Card View


The card view is what I preferred, you have a newsletter/emailer in the middle of the screen and you drag it left to unsubscribe, drag it up to continue subscription and drag it right to archive. 

List View


List View is pretty simple, you select the newsletter/emailer that you want to take action on and get the 3 options inline as shown in the next screenshot.

List View with a selection


Once selected, you get the 3 actionable items and clicking on each does what the option says. Its pretty simple. 


The interaction is very simple. Swipe left, up or right for unsubscribe, keep subscribed or archive respectively. Or in list view, select one of the newsletters/emailers and get the 3 options. It can't be simpler. I somehow prefer the card view and swipes. It seems more satisfying.  


With in about 5 minutes, I had unsubscribed over 130 newsletters and emailers. And the app works. Once unsubscribed I have hardly received any spam from the usual suspects. It also send you an email ironically on how many newsletters/emailers have hit your inbox, and I couldn't find any settings to stop to stop spamming me :)

My rating

Nine out of Ten