App Reviews

A list of very interesting apps that I come across, and some reasons why I like them and what I feel could have been better. 

Be Brave - fastest way to surf the web

When you browse the web on your mobile phone, you want to keep things a little  private, I am not implying that you browse questionable sites but that you most likely end up doing a lot of transactions.  

Meet Brave... I mean download Brave. It's the most modern browser created by Brendan Eich. Who is this guy? He is the controversial co-founder of Mozilla Corp. So I am guessing he knows his shit. He has started a new firm thats focused on creating a fast and un-interrupted, ad free browsing experience.

This the kind of concept that have big potential to disrupt markets. Brave most likely is going to do to Chrome what Chrome did to Internet Explorer.


Whats great about Brave?

Well it's lightning quick. It's quicker than Internet Explorer 10 (sorry, that was a bad one). It's quicker than most modern browsers in the market including Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 😂. 


Why is it fast?  

Because it's simple. No bells, no whistles.. It also blocks ads and unwanted content. It lets you consume the things that you want to consume on the web page. So the page loads much quicker. Don't believe me? Watch the video below.


How fast is it? 

Its super fast! I have been using it for many days now on mobile and on my mac.


The Brave Sheild

The browser has a Sheild mode which when activated you get the option to blocks ads/load safe ads/be adventitious and load the original page. If you choose the first two options, you are kept safe from pixel trackers and potential malware in pop-ups. They seem to have the right idea, but I am not sure how companies that make a living selling ads on  networks will feel about this.  


Wan't more good news?

Its available on all platforms including Linux. I have been using brave on my Mac and on my phone for a week and I simply love the simplicity and the speed. I was recently shocked to learn how much RAM chrome consumes. That was one of the main reasons I shifted to Brave. Please try it out and share your views below. 

Hope you liked the review.