App Reviews

A list of very interesting apps that I come across, and some reasons why I like them and what I feel could have been better. 

Roger That! Push to talk messenger that's fun to use

Roger is a push to talk service that works similar to you voice chat on Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Line, Wechat, Yahoo Messenger (The new updated app, from 4 months ago). I have a strong feeling the feature in these apps were developed specially keeping Indian Languages in mind, all 26 of them. Easier to give a speech option than develop a keyboard for the 60 odd characters with the punctuation to decorate them with.


Although the feature is convenient, I have never used it more than once. Text to me is more convenient, unless I am driving in which case I usually use telepathy.  

The 6 member app makers were recently funded for a whopping $1mn led by Social Capital. And they seem to have given a big chunk of that money to their UX Designer. I say this because the app looks gorgeously simple and minimal. When you use your location as part of your profile, the background to your profile pic shows the weather behind you which makes a very good conversation starter if you are speaking to some one far away. 




The interface is plain and simple, easy to comprehend. You have a smiley button in the middle of the screen, Your profile on top and Profile pics/circles at the bottom of the people you are conversing with. Creation of groups is pretty straight forward. 

I was a little confused on how to go back in conversations because in Whatsapp and facebook Messenger, its pretty clear, you scroll up to see the conversations. Here its a little hidden. When you have to listen to a conversation and at the bottom, you have two arrows to go back and forward to see the previous and next conversation. 



There are conversations where text just doesn't do justice and you wan't voice and modulation to give that personal touch. Whether you are communicating love, affection or wan't your voice to portray threat and anger, text doesn't just make the cut. 

I have been using this app for a week with my wife and it makes things very convenient for us. We end up leaving messages to each other and consume them at our convenience. We can do the exact same with Whatsapp or facebook messenger, this some how makes the conversation feel a little more special.