Know me better

Chess addict, camera trigger happy, overall a friendly chap 

My principle specialization is in Graphical User Interface Design applied to web and mobile products. I have worked in the web space since 2003 and thanks to the amazing companies whom I got to work with and my academic tenure at National Institute of Design - Bangalore; helped me develop skills to think out of the box and come up with solutions for given use-cases and scenarios. I have got opportunities to work on Web and Mobile Products.

I love interacting with people and talking to them about their views on different things that interests them. I love capturing images of people I meet and interact with to document their character. My love for photography peaked when I purchased my small Fuji X100 and X100s. I carry it with me where I go and capture images of things that I find interesting.

I am currently working at Urban Ladder as the Design Lead.

My Work Ethics

  • I have good knowledge and skills in Web and interaction design, mobile interaction patterns, wire-framing, low fidelity prototyping, visual design, basics of HTML/CSS, user research and photography. Using these different skills I can create projects from conception to actual realization.

  • While designing, I try to balance usability and standard elements with other design criteria.

  • In my job I use pencils, Illustrator, Photoshop, Axure, HTML and CSS code.

  • I believe in the conventional design process of design storyboards, scenario/use-cases, personas, flowcharts, wireframes and prototypes.

  • I strongly believe in workflow automation. We should use technology when possible to improve overall user experiences and reduce cognitive load.

  • I take design decisions based on sound user research and test my designs with actual users before handing over the design document to the engineering team.